About Ingenieursbureau Techcon N.V.

Ingenieursbureau Techcon is independent, operating, consultancy company.

The foundation of our venture was laid in 1997. Operating from a technical
context, we cover the broad field of the interaction between people and its
surroundings with our recommendation services.

Our involvement with our clients originates from our enthusiasm to realize
jointly durable solutions in a complex, always changing society. The expertise
and experience of our specialists in divergent fields insure you that all
technical, logistical, legal, organisational, administrative, social and economic
aspects of your project are studied closely, to come with practical solutions.

Ingenieursbureau Techcon is established on Curacao in the Netherlands
Antilles. We can offer multidisciplinary and incorporated services on all
important markets. Combined with our personal service we can contribution in
an effective manner to a successful preparation, implementation and
exploitation of your projects and programmes.

Our main activities:

Consulting activities
Design and implementation
Civil working
Mechanical working
Architectural working
Executive Board sheathing and supervision
NIeuwbouw dieselcentrale TWR
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Drinkwater tanks Ondeo Degremont
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