Architecture at Ingenieursbureau Techcon

Ingenieursbureau Techcon recommends, accompanies and supports at the
development, plan shaping and realization of complete architectural projects.
Ingenieursbureau Techcon architectural work areas:

► Education
► Offices and industrial buildings
► Sport and recreation
► Museums
► Hotels
► Laboratories
► Government buildings
► House construction
► Industry

The architectural department of ingenieursbureau Techcon ensures a
systematic and effective treatment of company housing. By means of
maintenance management, a combination of integrated management and
maintenance and facility management. This goes accompanied by inventive
solutions for space usage in changing organizations. This way space is
optimally exploited and organizations and institutions can commit to function
permanent and effectively.

Ingenieursbureau Techcon architectural department is specialized in
consultancy concerning all facets of housing. Using that expertise and
commitment the organization can dedicate entirely to flexible and effectively
anticipating itself on the developments in the market, because the
consequences of those developments on housing are in trusted hands at
ingenieursbureau Techcon.

The services:

► Research
► Terms of reference
► Feasibility studies and analyzes
► Design advice
► Calculatie, specifications and budgetary control
► Concrete calculations
► Facility management
► Executive Board sheathing and supervision
► Move management
► Management en maintenance
► Project management
► Process management
Nieuwbouw dieselcentrale TWR
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Restauratie Landhuis Savonet
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Uitbreiding onderstation Montanja
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Nieuwbouw Farminpex
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Uitbreiding onderstation Montanja
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- Engineering, Executive Board sheathing and supervision restoration roofconstruction and attic floor
country house Savonet.
- Design, Executive Board sheathing and supervision new building Farminpex
- Design expansion substation Montaña
- Design new building Burger King
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