Mechanical Engineering at Ingenieursbureau Techcon

Ingenieursbureau Techcon recommends, accompany and support with
development, plan shaping and realization of complete mechanical
installations. Ingenieursbureau Techcon is active in the industry, refineries,
utility companies and the infrastructure.

Moreover this department has particular expertise in the field of steel
constructions, water tanks and water treatment installations. As a result,
ingenieursbureau  Techcon has been regularly involved in numerous
innovating and surprising projects from, reversed osmosis water plant,
drinking water tanks to the shipment of diesel generators.

The services:

► Consulting
► Total Engineering (from initiation to realisation)
► Planning and workshop drawings
► Lay-outs
► measurements
► Capacity calculations
► Expansion calculations
► Strength calculations
► calculate and optimize (steel) constructions
► Assistance at coordination of on-site activities
► Project management

To be involved at authoritative and frequently vital mechanical projects is a way
of life for the consultants and specialists of the mechanical department of
ingenieursbureau Techcon. They thereby not only devote their thorough
knowledge, but especially their soul.

Reference projects:  

- 2x 10.000 m³ drinking water tanks (Aqualectra Distribution)
- 2x 3.500 m³, 1x 760 m³ en 1x 400 m³ drinking water tanks (OndeoDegremont)
- Steelconstruction BurgerKing restaurant (BurgerKing)
Watertanks Ondeo Degremont
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10.000 m3 drinkwater tanks
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Transport diesels Rif centrale
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Nieuwbouw Burger King
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Nieuwbouw Burger King
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