Our project managers and engineers translate starting ideas in feasible
scenarios. We are a office that provides simple services and control
multidisciplinary projects on behalf of our clients. Ingenieursbureau Techcon
gladly co-operates with other offices, with suppliers, with strategic partners as
project developers and financiers. We gladly co-ordinate but must not
necessarily do everything by our selfs.

We formulate clearly. For example integrated means everything in one place:
houses, parking places, primary school, shops, supermarket, company space


Ingenieursbureau Techcon identifies that the market has a strong need to
parties which offer integrated solutions. Clients want board out non-core
functions to concentrate on their core functions. This applies both to the
development of buildings, process installations and for the maintenance and
management of it

Clients seek for offices which can manage complex processes where many
factors are involved on behalf of them. Transparent processes and project
management and good communication are essential.
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