Project management at Ingenieursbureau Techcon

Ingenieursbureau Techcon Project management looks after the process and
project management for multidisciplinary civil, construction and development
projects. Professionally, energetic and result-oriented, irrespective of the
scope of a project.

The construction Executive Board acts as a intermediate between on the one
hand the client and on the other side the contractor. We represent the interests
of the client and attune the scope of Executive Board sheathing to the desired
quality, the regulative toleranties, the restorebility of observed lacks or
deviations on the expertise and quality control of the contractor.  Executive
Board sheathing is mostly still expressed in time (an effort obligation). This
however gives no guarantee on an effective and expert development (quality
aspect). Within the framework of quality control it is necessary that the
activities of Executive Board sheathing also become measurable (in the form
of a performance obligation). There should not arise any liability or extra work
for the client as a result of Executive Board sheathing activities during
execution. The Executive Board watches that the client can meet the legal
obligations regarding security and health. At supervision one must distinguish
between construction work in the utility division and civil division. With utility
construction organisational and use aspects play an important role. The
numerous parties which are involved in construction, ask for a approach which
for an important part exists of coordination. With civil projects (because of the
type of projects) the emphasis of the desired life span lies on the technique.

The services:

► Preparing and setting up project organizations
► Processes and project management
► Quality management
► To carry out and accompany analyzes and studies
► Consulting
► Licenses
► Budget guarding
► Constructive aspects
► Administrative control of the project
► Technical points of interest
► Execution technical bottlenecks
► Set up project quality plan
► To check and judge tender specifications and drawings
► Executive Board sheathing act in accordance with prevailing norms or
standards of the UAV: representing the client
► Assessing detail drawings and time schedules
► Monitoring the progress of the work and planning
► Conducting the tender specifications administration
► Conducting consultation with clients, contractors and third parties
► Recommending the client at claims and specifications modifications
► Looking after the financial run of the contract
► Technical supervision of the execution
► Evaluating achieved performance
► Giving feedback on the results of evaluations

De specialists and managers of ingenieursbureau Techcon Project
management have deserved their tracks with small and large-scale projects.
Under their supervision complex questions reach a supported result.
Reference projects:  

- Design, Executive Board sheathing and supervision trace 12/30 Kv cables Zegoe to Tera Cora (10
- Design, Executive Board sheathing and supervision new Diesel power station TWR Bonaire
- Design, Executive Board sheathing and supervision 6840 m³ Reverse Osmosis Plant IONICS at
Aqualectra Production
- Design, Executive Board sheathing and supervision finer concrete roads and public sewer district of
Monte Verde
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